Special K Confidence Challenge No.1

Add an inch. Throw out those grubby ballet pumps and bring your heels out before 6pm. High heels elongate your legs, make you stand up straight and tone your calf muscles. Plus, they look brilliant whilst doing it! Once your strutting in style you’ll find yourself experimenting with all sorts of shapes and shades; next goal - make them red! Check out our top five day-friendly heels and our top tips on how to survive all day in them.


How to survive the day in heels
wise investments

1. Wise Investments


As hard as it may be to face, money talks when it comes to buying shoes that are guaranteed to be kind to your feet all day long. We’re not talking extortionate amounts, but spending over £50 on a good pair of heels is a sure fire way to ensure they won’t result in pinching blisters. The good news; once you’ve invested they’ll become your trusted favourites without giving your flats a second thought.

2. Sound Foundations

We know it sounds like common sense, but when it comes to shopping for a pair of heels, it can be easy to get swept away with spindly stilettos and delicate strappy numbers. Instead, be on the lookout for structured solid heels with full support around the ankle. For the colder months, boots can be a stylish and comfortable choice.

sound foundations
treat your feet

3. Treat your Feet

If you find yourself with a spare evening in front of the telly, why not invest in a few foot pampering products and treat yourself to a DIY pedicure? Exfoliate, soak and moisturise – the works! Following this, your feet will be feeling softer and healthier than ever, ready for another day looking fabulous in heels.

4. Secret Weapon

If you find that walking to and from the office in heels is just too much to take, you can always carry a trusty backup to relieve some of that pressure. If you do find yourself hot-footing around town, there are lots of foldaway flats on the market that will easily and discretely slip into your handbag for those moments in need.

secret weapon
shop around

5. Shop Around

There are lots of brands around at the moment offering heels specially designed to keep you comfortable all day long. These designs are said to reduce forefoot pressure, improve body alignment and enhance ankle stability to make a full day in heels a walk in the park. Do your research and seek some of these out.