Special K Confidence Challenge No.10

We challenge you to wear red. Lots of red! Most of us live in black, plain and dare we say dull colours, but it’s time to make a change and embrace red. There are so many different ways to wear this OSO bold shade, and it’s time to prove it isn’t just for the evening.

Top tips on how to wear red:

1. If you like to be bold with print, but are a bit weary about red, try experimenting more with texture. Opt for a gorgeous red lace dress.

2. Red can be casual too. For a look that works in the daytime as well as at the weekend, opt for a pair of red skinny jeans and team with a red sheer blouse and red stilettos – all over colour block is set to be hot for next season and beyond.

3. Dependant on hair and skin tones, people are super cautious about wearing red, but the truth is, even red heads can get away with it. If you’re unsure about how red will match with your skin tone, opt for a single piece in a simplistic shape for a real pop effect. After your first hit – you’ll be hooked.

4. If you have a favoured every day silhouette which you feel comfortable in, try sticking to the shapes you like, but turn the shade up a notch to red.

5. Experiment with different tones of red; from rich reds, darker brown tones, tomato red, bright orangey shades and pinky fuchsias.